Zodiac inspired elopement

The inspiration for this shoot came about when Catalyst Wedding Co. hosted a styled shoot competition called “Out of the Box”. Our team was not accepted, but it was a blessing in disguise. Although the Zodiac theme remained present, the overall look and feel of the shoot molded into more than what I could have hoped for. I also would not have been able to work with Kate of Kate Alison Photography or found Jolie Studio had I planned and executed this shoot by the “Out of the Box” deadline.

The inspiration drew on the Zodiac signs, specifically Libra and Capricorn, without being too literal. Libras are known for being harmonious and their light and airy personality while Capricorns rely on structure and are represented by dark, earthy tones. A scale, which represents Libra, is the symbol for Libra so the theme plays on not only the characteristics of the two signs, but also balance which can be seen through the contrast of the light and dark color palette.

This was to be a more untraditional shoot, set in an intimate venue with a backdrop that acted as a setting for the ceremony as well as the dessert bar. One bride rocked a flowy, ivory jumpsuit while the other wore a dark lavender tulle skirt with an intricately beaded ivory top. The jewelry was hand selected to compliment each bride’s sign, with one ring boasting a dark green sapphire and the other, a light blue sapphire. 

Mixing metals, especially at a more formal event, is not common, so copper and gold tones were present throughout the tablescape, dessert table, and accessories. The decor and table settings tied the two tones together seamlessly and added depth to the theme. The florals carried the color palette throughout the venue by adding bursts of purple to the tablescape, bouquet, and dessert bar. Crystals, which are often found muted and darkened by dust and dirt, were incorporated as styling pieces for the invitation suite, tablescape, and dessert bar. 

I loved the opportunity to work with Kate and all of the other vendors!



Planning/Design/Styling: Soirée & Cabernet Events | Photography: Kate Allison Photography | Venue: Jolie Studio

Hair & Makeup: Appease Inc | Florals : August Sage and Violet | Stationary & Paper Goods: Pineapple Street Designs

Officiant: Once Upon a Vow | Linens: BAYITH | Jewelry: Metalicious | Hair Accessories: Glamhairus

Models: Shonna Levin & Layla Feder